EU Document Suggests Recalling Envoys if Israeli Occupation Settlements Threaten Two-State Solution

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

By Barak Ravid for Haaretz

New details from the European Union’s “sanctions document,” first reported by Haaretz on Saturday, show that potential punishments for Israel could include the recalling of EU ambassadors if settlement construction is advanced in sensitive areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Diplomats familiar with the document’s contents told Haaretz that the two-page text includes two chapters of “sticks” to be used against Israel, and a chapter of “carrots” to offer the Palestinians.

European diplomats compared it to a “menu at a Chinese restaurant,” from which each member state could choose which sanctions to implement.

The document, written by Christian Berger, head of the European External Action Services’ Middle East Department, expresses the principle that the European Union must respond with sanctions to actions by the Israeli government that threaten to make the two-state solution impossible.

Such Israeli actions would include, for example, construction…

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