Blair Expresses Deep Concern Over Escalation of Violence in Palestinian Territory

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

JERUSALEM, November 12, 2014 (WAFA) – Quartet Representative Tony Blair expressed deep concern over the escalation of violence and tension in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

A statement issued by Blair’s office stated, “I am extremely worried over the situations in Jerusalem and the West Bank, the escalation of violence and tension, and the tragic loss of lives on both Palestinian and Israeli sides.”

“The international community wants to see a full halt of all forms of violence and a complete respect and adherence to the traditional agreed upon practices in holy sites,” said the statement.

He also stressed that the need to resume credible political negotiations as early as possible.

He said that leadership at both sides must call for self restraint and put an end to all hostile and provocative actions.

Blair reiterated the international community’s rejection to the latest Israeli settlement expansion plans in the West Bank.

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