Israeli Occupation Tells ‘Soldiers’: Use Live Fire If Facing Firecrackers

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

There are an estimated 20 firecracker attacks every month in the West Bank, with an increasing number also being used in East Jerusalem.
By Gili Cohen , Nir Hasson and Yaniv Kubovich

The Israel Defense Forces recently informed soldiers they can use live fire if they feel their lives are threatened by Palestinians using firecrackers.

The instruction, in the form of an opinion published by the legal adviser to the Judea and Samaria Battalion in the army magazine Bamahane, comes in the wake of increased use of firecrackers against security forces in the West Bank.

Col. Doron Ben-Barak wrote that firecrackers fired from a short distance and directly at soldiers could be considered potentially life-endangering.

However, the instruction stresses that if the firecrackers are not aimed directly at soldiers, live fire should not be used. If the firecrackers are aimed toward a fortified guard post or from farther away, the…

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