Dayana Castillo-Atallah Fashion Model for the Frockz ResortWear ™ Private Collection

Elias Hanna Atallah Thaljiya Jadadallah of Bethlahem


  • Juni Yusef George Thaljiya

    16 year-old, resident of Bethlehem, killed on 20 Oct 2001 in Bethlehem, by gunfire. Did not participate in hostilities when killed Additional information: Killed in the area in front of the Church of the Nativity.



White 100% cotton size 10

The Frockz Trot taken in a green background

Frockz and Pant 100% cotton size 10

Frockz To Trot

white Frockz in garden setting size 10

in a green setting with white cotton 100% size 10 made in America

White Cotton Garment on green

The Frocks Trot collection 100% Cotton size 10

White cotton Made in America on green back ground

Frockz Trot collection 100% cotton size 10

picture of Dayana on green in white Frockz Trot

The Frockz Trot 100% cotton garment size 10

Dayana is the Ambassador of this Private Clothing collection, the collection is made in Miami Florida United States of America.

The collection is made in a cottage industry setting by American workers for American Women, the quality is very high in keeping with the manufacturing standards of what American made clothing have historically been.

We proffer more than 35 years of on the job expertise in the business of Fashion,  and Costume Design  engineering, with a complete working understanding of the clothing industry.

We hope you  enjoy wearing our creations in the same manner as with the pride and humility we chose to manufacture and present our clothing.


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