Oh lover of my heart you gave me freedom.

You liberated my soul and showed how to see true love, this love is the same matter which makes the whole universe what we see it as, a boundless, totally infinite,  all knowing.
I have traveled the earth and I have seen the beauty in everything, where ever I look I see the meaning of life, it springs out at me, like the beauty of fresh wild flowers, ah my lover you make my day,  every day and every minute thereof.
I strive to be the lotus flower where my roots are in the mud of this confused murky earth, but I sprout a flower so divine that all the eyes become affixed with your beauty, you project this eternal beauty, straight from me.
I know I can die in peace, but not yet lover of my heart, spare my otherwise decrepit life so that I can forever enjoy the true purpose of living, on this earth,  with you,  on this beautiful planet of eternal existence, teach me the love of eternity, the love that will never fore-sake my heart, oh the lover of my life how can I ever thank you for giving me the ability to see your wonder in all the universe, in everything.

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Give me long life to enjoy my heart forever, I beg,  hold me close to your bosom, please  make me your bosoms` friend my lover, protect me from the harm of these evil earthlings, hold me close always, my lover,  I beg.

For as long as I know you I wish to live with you and to help you to bring me the eternal gifts of others,  who joins me in glory of my inner human.

I thank you keeper, you kept me safe all these years and I am eternally grateful, for you are all I really know.
Never have I read a book of this entity, but  in my heart I have seen it, you revealed it to me, never have I heard any music of your love outside but I have felt the sound, inside and the  light makes divine music,  a Celeste that is ever so pleasing to my body and my whole being.

Music has taste and a feeling can be touched, the wisdom that is yours,  you allowed me to know.
Please keeper of my heart drive my chariot to the end of time, I promise I will fight my own battles,  but lover I beg that you allow me to gratify you forever,  even after time slivers away in the universal spiral, from whence it will all become one in a bright all knowing light.

copyright Mario A Kenny 2013 all rights are reserved


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