“Pro Se homeowners putting up the fight” get on the BUS

Four buses are going to the state capitol and everyone is invited, the buses are being sponsored, we have been given all the tools to fight with, please step up to the plate and let us fight them. “CALL TO ACTION”

I am so happy that we are making the stand, that we can show our resolve to come together for a common cause, a plight that has reeked a very special havoc on the personal lives of millions and few stood up, I am very content with the few people who have taken this fight to the battle field of the bankster. We have lost many battles to the bankster but we have not lost the war. Now we need money for signs and to sponsor a dinner alongside the Florida banksters assn, to show them we have as much as or more power and class than they do and that we will fight them where and when ever the battle presents itself.

Our plight is a somewhat selfless one, not only are we fighting for our homes, but we are in this to fight our rights as humans of dignity, we must end this corruption once and for all, we must close them down, we must form a vibrant National association of homeowners by and for homeowners, to make and change laws that rule us once and for all. We must set this straight and the chance of a lifetime is in front of us, now.



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