Protesters Confront Schwarzenneger Demand he “Terminate Foreclosures”

Protesters Confront Schwarzenneger
Demand he “Terminate Foreclosures”
Occurred February 10 – Initiated by Hermandad Mexicana Trans-Nacional & IAC/Bail Out the People Movement and submitted to for publication.

Outside of the state capitol during a press conference. On left, a 14-year old tells of her horrible experience during an eviction; Right – Assembly Member Nava, who earlier pledged to urge the governor to call for a state of emergency, addresses activists and press.

Over 50 people, predominantly Latino/a and majority women, who have either lost a home through foreclosure or are facing foreclosure, took a bus up to Sacramento on February 10th to demand an immediate response from the governor declaring a State of Emergency in California. The governor’s declaration is required by the California Emergency Act whenever the safety and health of a significant number of its residents are in jeopardy and the local and state governments are ill equipped to deal with such a crisis.

A letter was presented to both State Assembly member Pedro Nava and to a staff person for Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger.

During a packed meeting in Assembly chambers, after hearing testimonies of the brutal nature of evictions due to foreclosure, (sometimes at gunpoint aimed at children by Sheriffs) State Assembly member Nava pledged he would sign on to a demand for the governor to issue an immediate declaration of a State of Emergency.

No such pledge was given from the governor to protesters lined up outside of and knocking on his office doors. After about 20 minutes, realizing protesters weren’t going anywhere in spite of the growing police presence, a staff person came out to accept the letter from protesters.

When Arnold did finally come out of his office hours later to speak at an unrelated press conference — some of the activists who remained waiting for him quickly began chanting “Terminate Foreclosures.”

While not even flexing a muscle, he turned to the chanters, grimaced and quickly fled without uttering “I’ll be back.”


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