Is FPL or your utility over-billing you for services?


I completely understand how you feel. You need to stand up and email the governor, and send a complaint to the better business bureau at

I am tired of FPL being able to take advantage because they are the only company we have to provide us with electric.
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I agree…THIS IS B…FREAKIN…S !!! I’m SO over this FPL monopoly!!! Will SOMEBODY of authority step in PLEASE and stop this utility mafia!!!
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OMG, I am using a generator tonight because of FPL, we paid their extended deposit because my daughter moved in with her kids for 6 months and they raised the deposit, so they added 250.00 to my bill last month, it was paid and now I’m sitting without power because they turned it off at 4:30 in the evening before I could stop them, I live 70 miles from my job so couldn’t make it home in time. Plus they left a ticket saying I now owe 600 dollars to turn it back on?? I have the receipt however tonight my family sits in the dark until tomorrow. This saddens me not only for myself however others who has to go thru this. They should be ashamed of themselves and the director of fpl needs to be removed from his position. This has to stop, its simply wrong… Please email me at with more complaints so we can submit them all at once to the BBB to prevent another family like ours from every having to experience this, our silence is our worst enemy… I have never done this however I am up for the challenge… Its time to stop this monopoly or our elected officials will go unemployed… Please people, if you are here, it’s for a reason. Contact me… Together we will build a new tomorrow together, But I need your help.

Robert Greene
27 Wood Lawn
Palm Coast Fl, 32164
31 days ago by jen198822 0 Votes
i have the same problem… fpl is horrible we got our electric shut off about 2 weeks ago due to a late payment but we never recieved a bill so we called to see how long it would take to get turned back on…due to having a baby and its what about 100 daily we needed to know if we should go to a hotel or what not the lady then decided to get shitty with us about being late and said that there were no priority reconnects..she said ” we have kids on oxigen that dont get priority reconnects” who says that to a customer…the next day we got our bill… after it sopposedly had been sent out 10 days before…then today we recieved another bill including a 677 dollar deposit now due by the 24 of september so on top of our 243 dollar bill for sept we have to come up with that or we will not have power…who can come up with that amount of money a month for electric? come on why is nobody doing anything about this company…just cause they are the only power company down in florida shouldnt give them a right to do this to hard working families who are struggling as it is
31 days ago by NonnieMouse 0 Votes
The lady who showers every other day and says air is right outside so she doesn’t turn it on is ridiculous.

She gets 2 bills a month, because she doesn’t pay the first one on time. Thus she has late charges. She pays when she gets her final notice and probably doesn’t even realize that she’s paying the only bill for the month.

FPL is a big monopoly and has to be put out, but who is willing to sue them? No one because no one can. They always win.
31 days ago by jen198822 0 Votes
i am in the middle of figuring out how to sue them and what exactly to do this is horrible i know we are not the only family dealing with it… it cant hurt to try to put so type of rules on them…
18 days ago by Madmama73 0 Votes
We are facing the same situation with FPL in Palm Coast. Within the past month we have handed them over $800.00. We gave them almost $600.00 of it first and then they showed up like a week later and disconnected our power over what they said was an additional deposit. That day we borrowed the $250.00 and paid it and they turned the power back on. Now two weeks have passed and without first receiving a normal bill, we receive a final notice for almost $200.00 DEPOSIT. We have a couple of days to come up with it and we can’t. When we called to ask why we’re getting another deposit, they said the last time wasn’t a deposit. This is on top of them continuing to try to take money out of my mother’s bank account and causing the check to bounce… after she asked them to stop! They claim she didn’t request them to stop automatic billpay but she did. I was sitting there when she requested it, I know she did. Anyway, when someone figures out how to sue them, let me know, I’ll join you.
18 days ago by floridapeoplesrights 0 Votes
I can tell you this…F.P.L. thinks THEY are the giant here. What they don’t realize is they are actually “awakening a sleeping giant”…WE THE PEOPLE.

The day that a strong law firm decides to represent the CONSUMERS of F.P.L. and take legal action against them with a class action lawsuit, then maybe the this utility mafia will be humbled!!

I have another story to tell about the Electric company in my state FPL, this company has billed me incorrectly for years, this company is above the law and in the pockets of the regulator. I am sure that many people have complaints about this company but the corruption with which the country is gripped has caused many consumers to be taken for their money for so very long. the writing herein gives a start to suggestion which seem to all be the same in terms of trickery, arrogance and corporate gangsterism, by all the mega bucks, they are all in the same hole, I think.

The correct manner to help yourself with the Utility company in your area is to file a complaint in advance with the regulator. The utility is well able and ready to fight you and they will, but the consumer has many ways to protect one self from this money collector

Regulator apologizes for `cloud’ over Public Service Commission

A Florida utility regulator apologized for some of her decisions and proposed new rules for conduct as the Public Service Commission sought to restore public trust.

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In an emotional appeal, a utility regulator apologized Tuesday for casting a “cloud” over the Public Service Commission, but insisted she broke no rules in dining with an executive of Florida Power & Light as it sought a $1.3 billion rate increase.

Commissioner Katrina McMurrian sounded choked up after Commissioner Nathan Skop suggested she had engaged in “completely unacceptable” behavior by having a meal with FPL Treasurer Paul I. Cutler in New York before a March 10 utility conference.

The tense exchange came as the PSC proposed new rules to restore public trust in an agency that has been rocked by investigations and allegations of too-cozy ties and private discussions with the powerful utilities it regulates. FPL and Progress Energy are asking for rate increases of about 30 percent.

“I do apologize to the extent that the commission has had a cloud over it with respect to some of the decisions I have made,” said McMurrian, who called for new rules governing their conduct with utilities last week.

“I’m trying to propose something going forward to give us more guidance about the kinds of things we attend,” she said. “And that may lead us to never attend these things again.”

The ripple effect of the PSC’s troubles spread beyond the agency Tuesday, with Attorney General Bill McCollum announcing that his agency would retain all of his employees’ BlackBerry text messages — a hard-to-track public record that came under scrutiny for its use at the commission.


Among the PSC proposals to win public trust: Limit or ban travel to conferences sponsored by utilities, ban all gifts, prohibit or disclose all private discussions with utilities or make the PSC fall under the judicial branch of government.

The commission could vote on the new rules at an Oct. 5 meeting.

McMurrian said Tuesday she would “like to be able to talk more freely” about the dinner she shared in New York with Cutler and others but said she couldn’t because a citizen had filed an official motion Monday demanding that she recuse herself from deciding FPL’s rate case. Previously, McMurrian described the discussions with the FPL executive as “chit chat” that had nothing to do with any rate hearings.

The recusal motion, filed by consumer advocate Steve Stewart and citizen Richard Unger, does not accuse McMurrian of breaking the rules or the law. It just questions her impartiality. Stewart said McMurrian was displaying a type of “Stockholm syndrome” in which she started to identify too closely with the people she regulates.

McMurrian, a commissioner since 2006 and a PSC employee before that, said she had legitimate reasons to attend the Standard & Poor’s utility conference in New York that featured other regulators and utility chiefs as speakers.

“I try to educate myself on the issues,” she said. “I’m not apologizing for having gone.”

McMurrian and Chairman Matthew Carter are up for reappointment this year, and Gov. Charlie Crist said Monday they might not keep their jobs if they approve the FPL rate increase. Crist also said that he thought McMurrian’s dinner was not appropriate, but added Tuesday that it should not disqualify her. McMurrian said she will soon respond in writing to the recusal motion. If she refuses to recuse herself, the complainant can appeal to the Florida Supreme Court and potentially delay the rate case.

he commission is considered a quasi-judicial body, but its members are not traditional judges and commissioners answer to the Legislature and the governor. The governor appoints them to four-year terms.

Commissioner Nancy Argenziano, a former state senator, said the Legislature, too, needs reform. She pointed out that utilities are among the top contributors to political parties, campaigns and candidates each year, and that some legislators she would not name have “sold their soul” for big checks.

“I have seen what influence those large contributions have,” Argenziano said.

She, too, has come under fire during the continuing turmoil at the PSC. Critics have noted she owns out-of-state property with a lobbyist who represents a municipal electric company that is not regulated by the commission. Sometimes though it intervenes in rate cases heard by the PSC.

On Tuesday, Skop recommended the commission propose that citizens change the state Constitution to place the PSC under the judicial branch of government — an idea endorsed by a majority of commissioners.

Skop read from a 1992 grand jury report about the PSC that said “a judge cannot meet with one party alone to discuss an issue of importance if the judge is the final arbitrator of that issue. Judges are required to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

Never mentioning McMurrian by name, Skop talked about the “transgressions” of the past and said it was “inappropriate” for commissioners to serve on boards or speak at conferences on the recommendation of utilities. McMurrian had been recommended by FPL to sit on an energy grid advisory board, funded by utilities.


“The commission is going through some challenging times,” Skop said. “We are under a lot of controversy. And rightfully so.”

McMurrian, her voice breaking, said she wasn’t sure if the comments “were aimed at me or not. . . . But give me the benefit of the doubt.”

Skop said he did not mean to get personal. Argenziano recommended the commission focus on reform.

“Let’s not get too warm and fuzzy,” she said, “because the people out there think we suck.”

Times/Herald Staff writer Steve Bousquet contributed to this report. Marc Caputo can be reached at


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