Chapter 7 Discharge: When Is In Rem Not In Rem?


In re Jackson 554 B.R. 156 (BAP 6th Cir. 2016)

At the request of a chapter 7 debtor, the bankruptcy court reopened his case and sanctioned the debtor’s condominium association for violating his discharge. On appeal the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP) reversed, finding an abuse of discretion.

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Deutsche Bank is planning to reduce its securitization business, and perhaps its mortgage business altogether

Justice League

From Reuters:

Deutsche Bank is looking to cut its loan securitization business further starting with repackaged U.S. mortgages, two people familiar with the matter said, as the lender braces for a large fine in the United States for alleged mis-selling of such debt.

A final decision about this core business is set to come early next year, the people said, and securitization cutbacks could become a central part of an expected strategic overhaul at the bank, once U.S. authorities have settled on a penalty.

“We have already shrunk the business over the last two to three years,” a person with direct knowledge of the bank’s plans said. “It could shrink a lot more. Not only sales and trading, but also in origination.”

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We are Anonymous.

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9th Circuit: Trustee is Not Debt Collector But Reverses Trial Court on Rescission

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This decision could be a lot worse for the banks and servicers than it might appear. The Trustee for a valid REMIC trust that owns the debt (and doesn’t just control the paper) is clearly NOT a debt collector. But considering that no Trustee has EVER claimed to be a holder in due course and that the Trust is in fact a holographic image of an empty paper bag, they most certainly are debt collectors. The catch is you have to plead correctly and undermine the assumption that they own the debt.

But the 9th Circuit reversed the trial court on the issue of TILA rescission. As to TILA Rescission, the 9th Circuit was merely restating the obvious after the unanimous Jesinoski decision render by SCOTUS. “The Court noted that it recently held in Merritt v. Countrywide Fin. Corp., 759 F.3d 1023, 1032-33 (9th Cir. 2014), that a mortgagor need not…

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Majority of Americans believe main stream news is FAKE NEWS!

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The State of Florida poised to make millions from the terminally ill.


Amendment 2 was voted into law with 71% of the voters in favor of the amendment, but to me and based on what I think I know its just a sham.

The bill seems to allow a person to pay the State and a Doctor for a permit to purchase Cannabis from a Dispensary.

The person must be terminally ill to get the permit.

There is no right to grow your own after 71% of the people voted in favor.

Let me just sum this up, the State is poised to make a killing from terminally ill people.

Can we please vote the people out of office and fire those who are not doing what we want them to do?

The mid-terms are coming next.

Particularly disturbing is that the city like Boca Raton decided to cancel or put on hold the amendment which was voted in until further notice, can we also cancel the whole elections then?

Is this a country of laws?  or can certain people just do whatever they want? Pay to Play worked and we got the nasty end of the stick plus we will pay for it with hard earned money.

Seems like Trump is right, can he “Drain the Swamp in Florida too?



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Dear President Trump, Greetings, and congratulations.

Dear President Trump, Greetings, and congratulations, for centuries mankind, has been at war, more people have been killed in wars and murder than are alive today.

There is no department of Peace in government, we need a peace process for the American people. To teach them how to live in peace. If we cannot live in peace, how can anything else function properly? there will always be strife.

The seven billion people on the planet want Peace, a few do not. The American people all want peace.

The tenets of peace are wide-ranging, they include but are not limited too, clean water, air, and food.

Living in dignity is a tenet of peace.

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