It may be very valuable to your case for you to have a certified copy of your Pooling and Servicing Agreement (“PSA”), your Prospectus and your Prospectus Supplement. The bank worked hard to hide it from you, and their attorney will probably stonewall you in discovery and argue every reason in the world why it either doesn’t exist, is irrelevant or why the dog ate it, in which case it’s still available, but not very pretty. Once you receive your PSA, you have to analyse it. A PSA is typically between 150 – 700 pages long. It takes us about one full day to completely analyze a PSA.

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Finding a PSA and its related prospectus takes skill. You can do this yourself if you have the time and investigative skills to figure it out. Or, you can take the easy way out and do what we do – hire Mario Kenney to find it. He typically charges $850.00 for that service. If you are going to hire Mario Kenny, skip this and go to the bottom of the page to read something he wrote. Otherwise, here is how to find your PSA:

786 274 0527call Mario for more information


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great site with valuable info, but it’s missing one crucial detail…how will you be able to ID your PSA? Does it have your name on it? (I haen’t seen any) The loan number? What?


  2. Jay says:

    This is a great site with valuable info, but it’s missing one crucial detail…how will you be able to ID your PSA? Does it have your name on it? (I haen’t seen any) The loan number? What?


  3. CANNOT says:

    After searching SEC for weeks for my PSA I have found it practically impossible to locate my particular LOAN NUMBER. -there are thousands-Countrywide-CWABS-CWALT-CWHEQ-CWMBS-CWHL-just to name a few.
    On Word Press or 4closurefraud or some foreclosure site I linked to a case file
    I SAW MY LOAN NUMBER listed in an EXHIBIT of investors suing for “putbacks”.
    At the SEC I cannot locate the list of INDIVIDUAL CERTIFICATES/Mortgages.
    What am I missing ? Mortgages are listed somewhere in these PSA/ TRANCHES ???


  4. CANNOT says:

    Must mention I am still kicking myself for not writing down or bookmarking the
    At the time I had no Idea the importance of knowing the TRUST of my NOTE/MORTGAGE ! Thought it was Kemp v Countrywide or Walnut Place LLC
    Thanks for your information on locating the PSA’s.
    I can see why folks pay a firm $850.00 to search SEC/EDGAR for them.


  5. Ed says:

    I think I found my PSA. How can I be sure that it mine?


  6. ronmamita says:

    These are the times when we need to share info freely and only charge fees to those with the ability to pay and who can’t do it themselves but for DIY’ers Please blog it and open source it. We need change and unity and empowerment to the people.
    I have the time and the will… PLEASE share the techniques to find my note among the many accounts. Mine (NOTE) was created in 1999 and the data don’t seem to go back that far or rather I have not found it yet…
    Is there a account that be opened for a fee to get more access to hidden data on EDGAR?
    Mario where are you? :)


  7. Mark Coble says:

    OK….I too look up PSAs for some attorney clients of mine. You can go to SEC.GOV and click SEARCH. Under company name there are two options “starts with” or “contains”. Click on Contains. In that box put in the “lender” if known. If you are being sued than you should have the Trustee name which you can put in. Or…you can put in the actual Trust name if that name is listed on your complaint. Then below you will see SIC Code. It is always 6189. SEARCH will come up with many names that you will have to look at and see if the timing of your note matches any of the documents that are listed. You are looking for 425b Prospectus/Prospectus Supplement which usually contains the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.

    Now if you are rich you can subscribe to Bloomberg or to ABSNET and they have software that can find your loan by loan number or loan amount and closing date. Awesome software that costs about 2k per month.


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