I can Breathe

I can Breathe

I can Breathe

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Naftali Bennett promises “10 plagues” if world boycotts Israel

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:

here's judaism!

Ed note (Trevor) Also pay attention to the fact that this is from Haaretz. You can really see the Jewish “Gang War” taking place in full color, right before your eyes. The Jewish left does NOT want these Likudnik reptiles taking “Israel” over the cliff anymore. 

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The IOF is basically still the Irgun. They need to be added to the terror list.

The IOF is basically still the Irgun. They need to be added to the terror list. The pictures speak.


10551092_856237114420985_225184376784634319_n 10351322_10154901129935054_1483666666237632343_n 10373801_856236964421000_8068957908322971471_n 10400776_802308999833483_2399986981327385575_n 10313662_1493477514267451_3671923732178832546_n 10313475_491946194278810_8646347310391556078_n 10307196_856791547698875_3882629337964288250_n 1975174_1512841088986263_9078991644239608852_n 10173680_10152700598194145_3295791105683759029_n 10407170_4739825789133_1865515061128940043_n 10516673_10204859431344476_2971329826629049511_n 10805719_1524984111119305_3715725356251702230_n 10675587_640409536068312_6092792284172071951_n 10606170_10205553395177964_8555931986173637919_n 1937456_824108447652077_2634932608228533767_n 1622842_1001239499890296_6482774306241333821_n 1476378_10152700598419145_1226757215892816212_n 1379365_426492910831658_5645849934654258896_n 14596_938527372856350_2423441859268260174_n 10805776_738762142861396_8068116026131090795_n 10806280_10101409133112743_2043338073868122985_n 10806432_888561571189043_6290268129960218842_n 10806494_993009710713275_6286702933234955352_n 12795_1001279983219581_9187736463571176169_n

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Officer Nathaniel Robinson, Victoria Police Department 12/16/14

I allege that the cop is a psychopath like most of the ones we have seen on you tubes like this. The Cop was a very brave man he took down a 76 year old grand pa in seconds, very effective indeed, highly trained cop.

Published on Dec 17, 2014

Exclusive Interview with Officer Nathaniel Robinson, Victoria, Texas Police Department. Interview recorded on December 16, 2014. At Officer Robinson’s request, please share and re-upload this video.

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Headlines From Palestine: December 18, 2014

Originally posted on Occupied: Headlines From Palestine:

Full Official Text Of Palestine’s Resolution To The Security Council

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Israeli Occupation Naval Forces Open Fire At Gaza Fishermen

Israeli naval forces on Thursday morning  opened fire at fishing boats off the coast of the northern Gaza Strip, fishermen told Ma’an.

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West Bank and Occupied Lands

Israeli Occupation Soldiers shoot, Injure Palestinian Near Nablus

Ahmad Jamil Sharqawi, 22, was shot in the hand by Israeli forces and taken to Rafidia hospital for treatment.

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‘Acid’ Used In West Bank Attack Was Actually Only Vinegar

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Israeli Occupation Army Denies Palestinian Farmers Access to Land

Israeli army Wednesday prevented farmers in the village of Jaloud, to the south of Nablus, from cultivating their land, according to local sources.

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Israeli Occupation Hands 11 Demolition Orders To Houses In Silwan

The Israeli municipality on Wednesday distributed demolition orders to several houses, some as old…

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The 50 Years War Israel And The Arabs Part 1

The 50 Years War Israel And The Arabs Part 1

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Cop Issues Open Threat to Americans, Invokes “Law-Appointed Right to Kill You”

I will not want my child to be in the same room as this armed mad-man, he is clearly a psychopath and has no right to be in a classroom with small children, especially bearing arms.

Cop Issues Open Threat to Americans, Invokes “Law-Appointed Right to Kill You”

white-e1418681029912 (1)SAN JOSE — In the midst of angry nationwide protests against police, a police officer by the name of Phillip White has added fuel to fire, after threatening violence against Americans via Twitter.

The Tweets that he posted were deleted after he was caught, but fortunately many people online took screen captures of the threats before they were gone forever.

One of the Tweets was directed to “anyone” who “feels they can’t breathe or their lives matter.”

Presumably, most Americans feel that their lives matter, though Officer White may have just been referring to blacks who are upset about being killed by police.

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The full Tweet reads “By the way  if anyone feels they can’t breathe or their lives matter I’ll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun.”

Another earlier Tweet sent by Officer White referred to his “law appointed right and duty to kill” Americans.

He followed with the hashtag “#CopsLivesMatter”

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