Tripbase a travel scam took my money and did not deliver.

I am so unhappy with what this company or person did to me that I cannot write or do anything productive, to steal my travel money like that was totally wrong. I cannot believe he continues to send me emails about his travel service. TripBase travel whatever took a lot of money from me under a false pretence.

I was simply trying to buy an Air Ticket to go travelling he offered bookings and I chose a booking and paid the listed price, then, nothing happened, he never sent the ticket or even acknowledge receipt of the money.

Well you know the payment was in BitCoin, these people are big-time scammers operating in San Francisco. Many of them have similar names and they all operate in the same address.

tripbase_logo (copy)

Common Travel Scams Exposed and Explained: Don’t Fall Victim if you give TripBase money they steal the money they are a bunch of scammers

We all enjoy going on vacation. Taking that welcome break from standard everyday life in order to maybe go abroad and relax in a different environment to what we’re used to. However, there are always those out there seeking to ruin it for us in order to make a quick buck for themselves.

The website changed, overnight,  I was told to pay the airfare with Bitcoin.

I made the  payment and gave them the information needed to get a ticket, the company sent nothing, they simply took the money and did not bother to do anything.


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Don’t Let Them Fool You: Banks and Investors Are Very Nervous About Rescission

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What Happens When You Send a Notice of Rescission NOW?


In a posting by what appears to be a bank lawyer for benefit of his clients he makes it clear that the banks should be worried prospectively about the right to rescind and the manner in which the Bank can contest it. Referring to Justice Scalia’s opinion for a unanimous Supreme Court the writer says

The Court decided that the language of the statute makes clear that written notice alone is sufficient to fulfill the terms of the statute. The Court rejected Countrywide’s argument that there was a legitimate dispute over the adequacy of the disclosures that required the borrower to file suit to settle.

What the writer did NOT say is what…

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IvinityCom is an Internet Service Provider in Trinidad and Tobago

IvinityCom is an Internet Service Provider operating in Trinidad and Tobago

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Banks Struggling with Notices of Rescission

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We are starting to get a peek at the strategy the banks will employ in dealing with notices of rescission. In one case the homeowner sent the notice of BOA, who answered that they received it (one problem solved) and that the new servicer is Ocwen (whose business practices have been the subject of a cease and desist order for failing to comply with prior “settlements” and “consent judgments.”)
The obvious strategy of the banks is to try to raise issues that the foreclosure judge can rule upon, in which the notice of rescission is declared void WITHOUT the required lender lawsuit seeking declaratory relief from the rescission — an absolute 20 day requirement under the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). And no matter how much philosophical discussion might ensue, this is precisely why TILA was drafted and passed by Congress…

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600,000 Unclaimed Settlement Checks and other news

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For further information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688



So it seems that the people who lost their homes through illegal or improper foreclosure practices cannot be found. More than 600,000 checks ranging up to $125,000 have not been cashed and are in the process of being reissued. Recipients may still bring claims for damages or even title, state law permitting. The point is that the foreclosures and the assistance to avoid foreclosure were conducted with faulty premises and improper motive. So the banks agreed to pay money with no prejudice to the borrowers who lost their homes. The interesting thing is the banks themselves have come up with those situations in which their practices are wrong. That is potentially an admission against interest — a powerful weapon to use against the banks that have already “completed” foreclosures that were either void (rescission was sent) or voidable (no…

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ALL Islamic Terrorism Funded By British Crown

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A beautiful Muslim temple.  Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.Divide and conquer has been the primary modus operandi of the global elite for centuries. In 1947 the British carved Pakistan and Bangladesh (East Pakistan at the time) out of India with the intention of forever dividing the Hindus and Muslims of South Asia. Ghandi was jailed for “interfering with the revenue” when he criticized the East India Company for its opium trafficking habit.

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For First Time In 15 YEARS(Long Before Hamas Controlled Gaza)Israeli Occupation Will Allow Gaza Students To Study In West Bank

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GISHA February 18, 2015. Today, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announced that he will be allowing students from Gaza to study in the West Bank for the first time since the year 2000.  Israel has so far staunchly refused to allow students from Gaza to travel to the West Bank for academic studies, claiming students pose a security threat and that allowing students to travel goes against the “separation policy”.

The new “closure permission status” (Hebrew) document, which lists, among other things, the criteria for applications to travel through Erez Crossing, states: “Students are permitted to exit for the purpose of academic studies in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], subject to a quota of 50 students”. It is hard to discern from the document what time frame the quota refers to, or the criteria by which students will be permitted to exit. The…

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