Tropical Storm Erika to Hit Florida on Monday August 31, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika is on its way for Florida on Monday August 31, 2015 and it will bring 30+ mm of Rain and the Winds will be Very Strong Gusting up to 100 km/h or more and it will bring Big Waves Crashing the Shores in Miami Beach and the Big Waves Will be Crashing the Beaches and Shores in Florida and the Tropical Storm Erika could Upgrade to Hurricane and it will bring Wind Driven Rain and Sideways Rain in the State of Florida and the Tropical Storm Erika is Moving West Direction and it will Turn to the West Northwest Direction and it will Aim Towards Florida on Monday August 31, 2015 Since the Water is very Warm and People in Florida Be Prepared Have your Rubber Boots, Rain Coats and Rain Suits Ready and When you Go outside Wear your Rain Gear, Rubber Boots and Rain Coats to Keep you Dry and Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food and Buy Cases of Pepsi and Coke and have your iPads, iPods, Cell Phones, Laptops and Tablets Charged and have your 3G and 4G Internet Ready and Have your Smartphones Charged and when the Tropical Storm Gets Real Bad Stay Indoors and Don’t Go Outside and Stay Away from the Beaches and Don’t Go Near the Shores and Have your Flashlights, Candles, Extra Batteries, Generators, Crank Up Radio and Have your Bottled Water Ready and if you have Anybody living in Florida Be Prepared for the Tropical Storm Erika Take Care and Stay Safe and Don’t Get Caught in the Tropical Storm Erika Stay Dry and Be Safe.

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Bryce Williams Shot Tv Reporter Alison Parker Live Video

I have no information just these clips I found on a website, view before they are taken down. SAVE the video

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From Sharbrough Law website:

The London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, is a benchmark interest rate set by the world’s largest banks.  While the average american was or is blissfully ignorant about the specifics of LIBOR, it affected so many financial instruments that is was justifiably called the “most important interest rate in the world.”  LIBOR is used to set interest rates on such credit instruments as private student loans, auto loans, adjustable-rate mortgages, credit cards, etc., all of which  need to be indexed to some underlying marker of the overall cost of funds within the financial system.  

When we became aware of growing evidence that LIBOR numbers have been deliberately manipulated by banks for years, which would mean that millions of people have been paying the wrong interest rate on all manner of financial products, we immediately filed a class action suit against the responsible banks.   We believe that vast sums…

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How To Make Marijuana Tincture (Decarboxylation & Alcohol Extraction of THC and CBD)

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9781476121598.225x225-75[Writer Glenn Panik’s “How To Grow Cannabis At Home: A Guide To Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing”, is available on iTunes here, for the Amazon Kindle or via  Smashwords here You can also order the ‘stealth title’ of our information-packed ebook for the Kindle here.]

For a variety of reasons, cannabis consumers may prefer not to smoke (or even vaporize) their marijuana in order to consume THC/CBD. The most obvious reason might be a breathing condition, such as asthma, but others may simply not enjoy the taste or smell of marijuana smoke, or may want to avoid smoking out of consideration for a roommate, family member, or pet!

Although baked goods are an excellent alternative for those who would rather hide the taste of cannabis completely while still enjoying all the benefits of THC & CBD, your stash will have a limited shelf life when…

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Galactic Connection 8-18-15… “Strange Beams of Lights are seen all around the World!”

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beam_of_light_ft_myers_florida_150815This has been showing up all over the place. On FaceBook, etc., and this post is from Alexandra’s Galactic Connection. The videos at the end are also very impressive.

There’s more to this story, I’m sure, but to me this is a visible manifestation of the Light IN-coming to the planet at this moment.


Strange Beams of Lights are seen all around the World!

People all around the world take photos of strange beams of light. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them?

Most of these beams of light shot up from the clouds as if a battery of gigantic searchlights are searching the landscape and are identical to a vertical band of light, like the famous beam of light emanating from the peak of the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009, while on vacation in Mexico.

It seems unlikely that…

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Livinglies Team Services: see GTC HONORS Services, Books and Products


For more information please email us at or call us at 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688

This is not legal advice on your case. Consult a lawyer who is licensed in the jurisdiction in which the transaction and /or property is located.


SEE 2015-08-10-0001


On February 25, 2015 the Minnesota Supreme Court considered several of the conventional theories advanced by the banks in favor of their right to foreclose. And the Court also considered the procedural and substantive issues surrounding rescission in Minnesota whose statutes closely resemble rescission under the Federal Truth in Lending Act.

The court rejected the bank’s arguments and points out that even the dissent on the court made the same mistakes as the lower courts, which were obviously in a state of utter confusion. It should be noted that this decision…

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Ted Visner is Taking Command of the Michigan Militia Effective Immediately

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On an interim basis and until order can be established, I am taking command of the Militia here in my home state of Michigan after having recognized that the position is currently vacant and that pretenders are running amok.

Interim Command Headquarters:  7287 W Fremont Rd. Blanchard, MI 49310

Interim Commanding Officer:  Theodore (Ted) Visner  – Phone:  (989) 954-2814

Leadership meetings will be held every Wednesday starting at 10:00am

The Michigan Militia will be structured with different branches with different departments within those branches very much like the US Military.

The Militia is NOT Anti-Government like the media is trying to convince the general public. Currently the government itself is anti-government and this needs to be rectified immediately. The collapse of the current structure of government is imminent and the Militia needs to be ready to maintain peace in our communities if we are to maintain stability in our society.



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