Fashion Models in Miami

I am looking for a Fashion Model to model my private Haute couture collection for on line sales.




DSC00317DSC00318DSC00319DSC00322FROCKZ 1 FROCKZ 2


The Model must be size 8 to size 12 and must be 5 ft 8 with heels okay. Initially the position is not a paid position but I can exchange for pieces of clothes. I would prefer if the individual is a resident of in Miami to control the cost of the photo shoot.


The individual will be required to sign a contract which protects the parties for on-line publication on sites like Etsy,  Amazon and similar and on this blog.


The requirement will be an ongoing request, therefore the opportunity will grow.


The clothing are an original line that is unlike any other, the originals are not kick-offs of other designers and are very fashion forward, contemporary and extremely unique.


This opportunity can be used to promote a new model. The Model will be featured on this blog which will give the model exposure to local agencies, photographers, and casting directors here in the Miami Market. This is an opportunity for a new Model the best way to develop a new model’s stage presence and confidence in front a huge internet market.

Please contact Mario Kenny at 786 274 0527 for details or by email at







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I borrowed some lessons from the Alterations Shops in Miami


I am working on this knitwear line of clothing and I am borrowing tips from the Alteration Shops in Miami. I am using certain Tailoring standards  in the clothing it is a lot of fun.

The exhibit piece below is not finished as of yet I am playing with the collar a bit and sculpting the form mixing it with certain drapery formats.

It is Sunday afternoon I started this piece sort of mid morning and have been working at it for the past hours, its break-time now for a few. I will post the pictures of the completed garment asap.



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How Clothing Alteration shops work in Miami Florida

In order to understand the subject of this rant, one must first understand why there is such a need for alterations of so many garments in the first place?


The answer is quite simple, all of the clothes are made in a foreign country, the pattern makers, sample makers and the designers are all foreign based, they are subject to the limitations of all the various variables of operating a clothing manufacturing unit in any foreign country.


The most damming variable is the cut and the fit, most of the clothes made off shore are made by people who have a much different body than the American person, with respect to cut and fit. In America we have a different body type. Take the police and fireman uniforms as a for instance, every waist and every seat has to be fatally adjusted, every time and the cost is monumental to the city of Miami, every uniform has to be fixed, not just hemming of the length of the pants or the sleeve, but the collars and cuffs  also has to be fixed as well.


Many of the Latin women are very sexy they have a small waist and a larger butt, the pants do not work, the pants are made for people with a flat butt.


The operators who provide uniforms  simply cannot do a good job as it is not cost effective, therefore the uniforms are made in such a manner that the city has to bear the cost of repairs, now if these uniforms were made locally a lot of those fixes could be controlled to a minimum requirement. The uniform providers cannot order all the size combinations as per sleeve length, pants length, butt height and all the possible combinations, because of the minimum order requirement of the factories abroad, that is the secret you are never told.


Now for Tailored clothing, wow, what a disaster for people who like to wear clothes that look tailored, these professionals must spend a lot of money to alter their clothes, and who does most of the alterations? the local dry cleaners, wow,  what a mess that is, this local dry cleaner has no special training in this job and therefore almost always cannot do a great job.


Do you want to know what happens with the alteration shops who do the fashion items? these shops cannot get workers with adequate know how, there simply is not enough of them to go around and the workers who do know how to do the job are not being properly paid, so those few simply open their own shops.


We will not talk about a working condition in these shops, some of these locations, and some of them are very prestigious, but the working condition is nothing less that substandard to worst.


There are excellent schools in Miami who instruct students in the fine art of alterations  but I think they lack students, for the simple reason the job is not a well paying position.


I guess there are solutions but maybe we have not yet found them or they may be buried in many other issues,  all of which plagues the sewing industry at this present time.



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Miami Fashion Models

In my opinion the Fashion Models in Miami seem to model clothes that were all made in another country, they model bathing suits, well its Miami right? I have seen one or two Swim Suit designers, I think then I wonder, if this line is in fact made in America at all?


Now the fact that a designer does not own his or her manufacturing is not a requirement of anything but not possessing complete control of the manufacturing makes for a situation which is proven to be  not sustainable, we have seen this with history of the garment industry, sometime in the 1980s the entire industry was shipped abroad, now as the economy is suddenly changing the designers are in a mad struggle to control the production of their product, many seek to bring their industries back to America, but this seems an impossible task for the many. This fact is supported by the inability of the industry to turn out trained stitchers and other vital staff, generations of knowledge has been lost.


If my thoughts are true then, the first question which comes to my mind is, are these really clothing designers?  do these designers actually have a strong hand in the making of these items or are they simply just doing Fashion Illustrators? I mean they shop out their whole production, this is the act of buying cheap labour, in  countries where the makers of the garments have no social-demografic relation to the end user. How can this work on the long term? history spoke to this behaviour  and she gave it a long tongue.


I think a designer of any clothing has to have a full working knowledge of the respective industry and not only be backed by big money. In the end the big money will see no more need to get a tax write off, then what?


The lack the funder-mental basics and with some sort of imaginary façade, where some of the most beautiful women prance the cat walk in just anything they are given to wear, will bring lasting issues which will not bode well to a designer. That is my opinion.


The photo ops, are not fashion shows there is a huge difference I think. The industry has to remake itself into a real manufacturing base, where a model wears the clothes designed by someone who actually has a real hand in the production of the items. I have long noted that this word Fashion Designer is given to any one who so ever provides clothes to be worn on a stage where there are an audience,  some photographers  and news paper, but no,  a Fashion Designer is someone who has the correct training either by faculty or actual on the job experience and a lot of that too.


The Fashion Modelling Agencies seemed to have created an industry with no real base, therefore it cannot sustain itself, it is not dynamic, because it lacks the art, surely no one can make an artist, this is a process of natural growth, which comes as a result of many inconsistent variables, but if and when a true artist is found why is it that the underling industry is not properly responsive?  it is in the interest of the industry to seek and recognise opportunity when it finds the chance.


I think that a Fashion Model should be wearing the Fashions of a real designer, especially local designers. Why would a Fashion model in a shop`s window, this is what the ladies of the night do in Holland.


I do know that Miami or Florida for that matter  seem to have enough Fashion and Costume designers and therefore models are not attracted to the designer, then most likely  the agency which stages most of the models are not geared to serve the local designers or have no real willingness to do this.





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The researgance of Americas` Cottage Garment Industry. Made in the USA.

I possess a private line of clothing and I deem it to be one of the most unique lines of clothing produced in America today. My company is a new start up company with very old roots.


I first started making clothes in South Pasadena California sometime in cerca 1980s. I purchased all of my materials in down-town Los Angeles  and I sold the products mainly in Southern California.


I am not aware of how many American made lines of clothing there are existing today, but this is one of them. I suspect that there are not that many lines of clothing produced in America, especially when the size of the population is taken into consideration.


We do not make the clothes we wear, the question becomes, how can we ever look really great when we sport our clothes if these clothes are made in another land by another culture of people, who does not live in our social environment?


It is a small line but a start, most of the American Fashion Designers have to make their clothes abroad, this is why I chose to do this in my living room, to protect it from the government tax and other regulations, where no fire marshal, no city officer has any jurisdiction to enter upon private property with any  act of illicit curtailment of its production.


A true cottage industry. The product has no employees making it, all of the product is made by one person in the living room, sewing day and night, while other people work and play.


Not many people will understand the importance of a cottage industry in America today, but this is a huge part of the history of this particular industry, as  I delve into this aspect of the industry I find myself in uncharted territory and I find no logic to possess any EIN number other than my social security number to transact my business.


My industry needs no special tools, no special need for any unusual materials  and no need to import anything to make the clothes, all one needs is the skill, time, lots of patience and most of all very good luck.


The pride I take in placing    **MADE IN THE USA ON MY CLOTHES DOES SOMETHING TO ME****


This is the manner in which an economy can be revived, when its people can utilise a god given talent to make items from nothing and offer those items for sale on a local market place for value, or in exchange for other products of value.



This is what makes an economy strong when people work to produce a good that other citizens can use and enjoy for value.


It was the government who regulated the industry out of America, with rules and with laws which did not foster continued growth and production. Millions of jobs were lost, people became unable to use their hands and minds for good acts.


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Clothes Made in America by Mario Kenny


These items are for sale;

I design and manufacture these items in America at Miami Florida

Please contact me for pricing and sizes

Available in  White, Black, Coco Brown and Red. Dry clean, or gentle hand wash only

DSC00328DSC00326FROCKZ 1DSC00324DSC00322DSC00333DSC00335

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Jessica Ticktin, for Judge 15th Judicial Circuit, Florida.

About Jessica

  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Science (B.S), with honors, Criminology
  • Stetson University College of Law, Law Degree (JD)


  • The Ticktin Law Group, Statewide Law Firm with 10 locations, Managing Partner, 2009-2013; Partner, 2013-present
  • Nugent & Ticktin, Partner, 2009
  • Law Office of Matthew Nugent, 2006-2008, Attorney
  • Law Office of Mark Maynor, Associate Attorney, 2005-2006
  • Peter Ticktin & Associates, Associate Atttorney, 2004-2005

Legal Memberships

  • Admitted to:
    • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
    • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
    • U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
    • Florida Supreme Court
  • Florida Bar Association, Family Law Section
  • Palm Beach County Bar Association
  • South Palm Beach County Bar Association
  • Florida Association of Women Lawyers (FAWL)


  • Florida resident for 28 years
  • Palm Beach County Anti-Defamation League, Civil Rights Committee, Member
  • Member of Temple B’nai Israel
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