ISIS survives largely because Turkey allows it to: the evidence

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10505328_10154729840000012_6173827095010968907_n Kurdish (YPJ) frontline troops

The real frontline confronting ISIS is not US or French bombers (the latter currently targeting Raqqa, a city with 140,000 civilians, who are virtual prisoners of ISIS) but the Kurds of Iraq and northern Syria. Just over a week ago the combined Kurd forces, under the command of the Yezidis, liberated Sinjar from ISIS. For the Kurds, their war is not just about defeating ISIS, but about creating their own autonomous region – a region that would link all the Kurd cantons. This will not be easy, especially as the Iraq-based Kurds (Peshmerga) are allied with Iran and benefit from US support (nor are the Iraqi Kurds in any hurry to secede from Iraq). But the largest hurdle to an autonomous Kurdistan is Turkey, which not only has rekindled its war with the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party), but has done everything it can over the…

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DOJ Prosecuting INdividuals Who Contributed to Mortgage Crisis

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While this is an interesting first step, the DOJ and the media are still overlooking the most basic fatal flaw in the sale of mortgage backed securities, to wit: the certificates were not mortgage-backed, and in fact were bogus certificates from a non-operating entity controlled by the Investment Bankers. It was the perfect crime — invent a company, do an IPO and keep the proceeds.

The Trusts were created on paper but never used, never funded, and never did any business. In fact they never had a bank account. The certificates were sold as securities and were not protected by exemption because while they claimed to be mortgage-backed, they were not.

So the issue of the bad loans that were being hyped by the “ladders” of conduits and sham entities is the second point, not the first. The DOJ needs to do what people in litigation have been…

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For the Doubters on TILA Rescission and Jesinoski READ THIS

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NOTE: BILL PAATALO  is an experienced private investigator and forensic analyst. Taking my material to heart and despite being ridiculed by bank lawyers and even some foreclosure defense lawyers, Paatalo took the simple position that once the notice of rescission is sent, that is the end of the matter, to wit: it is effective upon mailing.
The Bank basically took the only road they had available — “That’s ridiculous. Nobody meant for the borrowers to be able to cancel the loan transactions.”
The Court said “Bank, you are wrong. The matter is settled.”
A L E R T | Paatalo v. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank et al | TILA RESCISSION | ~OPINION AND ORDER 11-12-2015~ | M-T-D….DENIED | The Supreme Court implicitly rejected defendant’s argument when it declared “rescission is effected” at the time of notice . . . . . The question here…

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Fla 2d DCA Gets It: Switching or Subsituting Plaintiffs Does Not Eliminate Standing Issue of the Party Who Originally Filed Foreclosure Lawsuit

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For General Information Only

For further information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688

Always seek the advice of a licensed   competent attorney before acting on anything you read on the internet.


see Substituted Foreclosure Plaintiff Must Still Prove Standing of the Original Plaintiff

The importance of this case, is that the 2d DCA is showing its discomfort with the musical chairs strategy employed by banks in foreclosure. Standing is required in order to file a lawsuit. You can’t acquire it after the lawsuit is filed and you can’t get around THAT by “substituting” a new party Plaintiff.

I would go further to state that the substitution of the new Party Plaintiff raises questions that MUST be answered in discovery and MUST be part of the prima facie case of the new Plaintiff or the Old Plaintiff. The door is opening on the ability of homeowners to be very aggressive in…

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More pics of ballsy topless Lebanese girls burning #ISIS flags…

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Smoking Mirrors | The Satanic, Zio-Banker, Circle Jerk in Paris and other Transparent Lies.

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Let us bow our heads in recognition of what Arthur Topham believes and what I believe and what you believe and which was put best by George Orwell; “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Arthur has lost a battle but not the war and in the process he has proven that our greatest enemy is not the Zionist plague that seeks to dismantle every human freedom and authentic belief but rather the incredibly stupid majorities that make up a public body upon whom, the truth has still not dawned. How can they be so stupid and live? I’m guessing it is purpose of demonstration thing and for so long as they metaphorically and literally felate their foreign masters in their every thought word and deed, for just so long, life will remain uncomfortable for those of us who have to…

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Zouheir is a muslim security guard who blocked one of the suicide bomber at the entrance of the Stade de France

Zouheir, a hero in the Paris attacks ? This is only a fantasy…

Par Cédric Mathiot et Pauline Moullot 16 novembre 2015 à 17:34

A hero was born on social media after the Paris attacks this week-end with many tweeting a Wall Street Journal article mentioning the hero. When it came to finding a hero, the WSJ actually only quoted a source.

The new hero of the Paris attacks is named Zouheir. According to a story that was retweeted more than  30 000 times, Zouheir is a muslim security guard who blocked one of the suicide bomber at the entrance of the Stade de France, where the France-Germany soccer game was taking place on Friday night. As reported by this post, Zouheir saved thousands of people and French president François Hollande.

Another tweet even says Zouheir died blocking the terrorist who detonated his suicide vest when fried at security.

Many on social media were upset at main news channels for not paying tribute or even mentioning the hero. Why are the news outlets being so quiet about this story? Firstly, because Zouheir — who is quoted in this Wall Street Journal article — isn’t dead.

Secondly because, refusing to give his last name, Zouheir is actually only quoted as a source in the newspaper article. Being a security guard, he says he was stationed by the players’ tunnel and not at the stadium entrance. Hence, he did not eywitnessed the suicide bomber being fried by the security guards at the entrance but was told so by colleagues. «Zouheir, who was stationed by the players’ tunnel, said he was briefed on the sequence by the security frisking team at the gate», reports the Wall Street Journal.

How did he become a hero then? The entanglement may come from another WSJ reporter. On Saturday afternoon, Ahmed Al Omran tweeted the WSJ article and was retweeted more than 300 times.

One hour later, he quickly corrected his tweet and was retweeted only 5 times…

Asked by LibéDésintox, Ahmed Al Omran explained he «misread the story and tweeted in rush». He confirmed the Wall Street Journal never mentioned Zouheir as a hero who tried to block the terrorist. Despite Al Omran’s consciencious correction, the rumor has spread quickly about this fantasy hero.

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